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Fish Pail

Where our seafood comes from?

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Sydney Fish Markets

Based out of Sydney Fish Markets our supplier is renowned as one of Australia’s top end restaurant suppliers. They currently supply over 200 leading industry restaurants Sydney wide and offers the very best seafood sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Their market caters for retail stores, wholesalers, restaurants and food service enquiries.

They operate 6 vessels in Australia and New Zealand waters. They currently have all 6 vessels that are working in the South East Fishery and Great Australian Bight Sector.

The vessels are landing their catch at ports of Eden (NSW), Hobart (Tasmania), Portland (Victoria) and Port Lincoln (South Australia). Being widely distributed means their fleet is on top of the weather and movement of fish stocks.

The vessels produce ice on board and store catch in refrigerated fish rooms. The vessels run short trips (average of 4-5 days) keeping the catch fresh and meeting supply and demand of the market.

They are one of the largest quota holders and catcher in the south east trawl sector.

Lamb from Cowra region - Central West

​I had a great opportunity to live in this region for two years and fell in love with the landscape, the people and their produce. One beautiful family I met along the way was a local farmer who was open to sell directly to me. Professionally butchered and packaged, the lamb comes from the farm direct to your doorstep. On some occasions it may even be butchered and packed the morning of you receiving your order. You can't get much fresher than that!

Experts say, Lambs produced in the Cowra region of Australia are known for their quality and are considered the best in the country. The region's ideal pastures and fodder crops, combined with superior genetics in breeding, contribute to the high quality of lamb.

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Cherries - Young

Valley Fresh Cherries & Stonefruits is a
family owned and operated horticulture and livestock enterprise, situated in the Hilltops Region on the Olympic Highway (nee Wombat Road) 7km South of Young, NSW.  

Cherry Season begins mid November,
through until late December.  And Sugar Plums Season end January through to end February.


All fruit is hand-picked and processed on site through our very own packing facilities, using the latest technology - GP Optical Grading Machine.


Fruit is picked, hydro cooled and placed in cold storage within the hour.  Quality control procedures are in place throughout the picking and packing process to ensure the fruit is at highest export standard when received by the consumer.

​*HARP's accreditation H000271
*Export accreditation 

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