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Fresh lamb delivered to you

Straight from Central West, NSW

Next delivery Sydney - 18 December

About our Lamb

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All our lamb comes from the Central West Region of NSW. 


Experts suggest, Lambs produced in the Cowra region of Australia are known for their quality and are considered the best in the country. The region's ideal pastures and fodder crops, combined with superior genetics in breeding, contribute to the high quality of lamb.

Located along the banks of the Lachlan River and classed as one of the most fertile lands in the world. Why not try our lamb!

Why choose Coast to Country Lamb?

I had a great opportunity to live in this region for two years and fell in love with the landscape, the people and their produce. One beautiful family I met along the way was a local farmer who was open to sell directly to me. Professionally butchered and packaged, the lamb comes from the farm direct to your doorstep. On some occasions it may even be butchered and packed the morning of you receiving your order. You can't get much fresher than that!

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